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Our Toronto Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care Clinic uses state of the art equipment and some of the most advanced technologies in the laser hair removal and laser skin care industry.

At MCC Laser we provide only scientifically proven, safe and effective methods of laser hair removal and laser skin care. We use the state of the art tecnology from CUTERA (FDA and Health Canada approved) for all skin type even tanned skin. We do not experiment.

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What Every Rosacea Sufferer Needs To Know About Facial Veins & Laser Surgery

November 29 2016

I am one of the fourteen million men and women who suffer from rosacea. Sure, in the grand scheme of life it could be worse. But when you have a condition on your face the entire world can see that flares up, goes into remission, only to come back again, your self-esteem can get a bit beat up to put it mildly.I have been suffering from rosacea and dilated facial veins, also known...


What Is The Treatment Like?

A tiny amount of BOTOX Cosmetic® is injected very precisely into the muscle being treated. A very fine needle and a small amount of liquid is used so the pain associated with the injection is minimal. The sensation has been compared to a bug bite by our patients at MCC Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic. No sedation or local anaesthetic is required, and you can resume normal activities immediately.



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