Melissa & Cecelia, I was absolutely thrilled with the service at MCC Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic. Melissa your expertise & the final outcome of the facial resurfacing treatment with the Laser Genesis I had done was fabulous. Although I was sceptical at first, you managed to erase years of sun damage & you gave me back a youthful appearance...the fine lines, large pores & brown sun damage spots are gone.

Thank you, Donna K.,
Experience with MCC Laser Genesis, Toronto

the minute I walked into MCC Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic I felt so at ease. I was greeted with a friendly smile and the consultants were very knowledgeable. They were very honest with what laser can and cannot do and laid out a plan that was suitable for my skin and hair type. I had laser hair removal, electrolysis, and skin rejuvenation and it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

J. Schaeffer
Experience with MCC Laser Hair Removal, Toronto

my hair is very fine and blonde. I had been to many clinics before for laser hair removal. I was amazed at how painless laser hair removal was at MCC Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic. I know it was not the machine because the setting was high and I should have felt pain. The technician was phenomenal. I saw her treat my bikini line with surgical precision.

Laura W.
Experience with MCC Laser Hair Removal, Toronto

the people at MCC Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic are very warm and friendly....I was so pleased with the results on my leg with the laser hair removal. I've been to many other places and I'll never go elsewhere

Tina H.
Experience with MCC Laser Hair Removal, Toronto

my veins were very awful before coming to MCC Laser Clinic. Before you know it they were gone. It was like magic.

Linda W.
Experience with MCC Laser Vein Therapy, Toronto

Love love love this clinic. Cecilia is amazing!! I highly recommend setting up a consultation appointment if you are thinking of getting laser hair removal done. Cecilia has been in the business for years and the experience really shows when you talk to her. She takes great care of me every time I go in and never once did I feel like she was pushing me to buy a package when I went in for my consultation and I loved that about her. You will never get the feeling that this clinic is after your money but rather you feel that they care about you. I am still currently going through my laser hair removal treatments but I have seen a drastic change in my hair growth. Also the prices of packages are very reasonable!

Zakkiyya Badat

I choose MCC Laser because of their professionalism, expertise and gentleness. I had a wonderful experience with them. I should say I was very impressed from the quality of services and positive results. After 5 treatments of hair laser removal (legs, upper lips, armpits) I've been hair free for awhile. I would highly recommend MCC Laser & Skin Care to anyone!

Mrs. M Castillo

MCC is a very nice spa. Small - but clean and comfortable.

Uschi H.

Great experience! Very professional and quick.

Michelle H.

Cecilia was amazing and I will be back. Highly recommended!

Beth A.

Cecelia was terrific! this place is very clean and professional. Cecelia was very knowledgable and I am very happy with the results.

Daniela D.

The treatment was a little painful but totally worth it. Cecilia was lovely and informative.

Amie T.

Love this place!! Fabulous staff very caring and friendly!!! Can't go wrong using their services.

Terra M.

Book earlier in the day to get street parking directly in front of the clinic. I did :) Ask for Cecilia, she was the specialist that took care of me. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. The clinic is very well maintained and professional. I really enjoyed my visit today. I will definitely go back for other treatments.

Helen H.

Very friendly staff.

Lynn B.

They were efficient and friendly. They gave me advice but didn't try to push services on me. I will use them again.

Sandra B.

The spider vein removal procedure was well executed by a lovely lady, Cecelia, who was quick and gentle. I would highly recommend visiting MCC Laser & Skin Care for your vein management needs.

Fatima B.

Spider being removal really hurts! But the staff made it as pleasant as they could. No pain no gain

Desiree F.